Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Many House League families are new to the baseball experience and have questions about what to expect. The following (hopefully) answers these questions:


What is the difference between Rep and House League Baseball?

Rep Baseball is competitive, travel baseball where teams are representing our Club and this is the highest level you can compete at with the Seaway Surge.

Rep teams travel within the National Capital Ontario Baseball Association (NCOBA) loop and will usually enter 2-4 tournaments per season with at least two being an away involving a 1 or 2 night stay at a hotel.  Rep teams generally play one to two games per week with some being on the weekends and the coach will usually run at least one practice a week as well.

House League Baseball is a recreational level of baseball for players of all skill levels and experiences. This program allows children to play once a week from mid May to the week before the August Civic Holiday. Teams will play against other teams within the Seaway Surge's House League division at various diamonds throughout our area.

The focus at this level is to promote development, sportsmanship, fun, and a greater enjoyment of baseball.  Regardless of the standings, all teams will qualify for playoffs at the end of the season.


What Does House League Registration Include?

Your registration fee includes the following:

  • A baseball cap and jersey
  • Diamond fees paid to the local municipality
  • Umpire fees
  • Insurance coverage through Baseball Ontario
  • Catcher's gear
  • Baseballs
  • Bats
  • FirstAid Kit


What Do I Need to Provide (9U/11U/13U/15U Divisions)?

As the parent of a House League player, you need to provide the following:

  • Baseball fielder's glove
  • CSA approved batter's helmet
  • Baseball pants, belt and socks
  • Running shoes or baseball cleats
  • Protective athletic support (jock/jill)
  • Batting gloves (optional)
  • Sun glasses (optional)
  • Water bottle


What Do I Need to Provide (Rally Cap)?

As the parent of a Rally Cap player, you need to provide the following:

  • Baseball fielder's glove
  • CSA approved batter's helmet
  • Shorts and socks
  • Running shoes
  • Water bottle


Where Can I Buy What I Need?

There are a number of online and local retail stores, including:


How Do I Buy The Right Baseball Glove?

Home Run Sports has a useful guide for sizing your son or daughter's baseball glove. Click here.


Should I Get My Child Their Own Baseball Bat?

In short, the choice is yours but you should bear in mind the following: the Seaway Surge supplies all teams with at least two bats, and they are ‘good’ bats.  We do spend money each year to replace bats that are worn or aged, and we buy bats that are the right size and quality for your league and age group.  You should also remember that if your player brings their own bat to a game or practice, it becomes a ‘team’ shared bat while you’re there.  It means anyone on the team is allowed to use it while at that game or practice.

Saying all this, many parents still want to get their child their own bat.  Our recommendations for you if you are going to buy your own bat are the following:

  • Find a bat that is comfortable for your child.  It shouldn’t be too long or short, shouldn’t be too heavy for them or even too light.  Many kids will swing a light bat and feel good about how fast they can swing it.  You should encourage your kids to go 1-2 oz heavier than what they like…. a heavier bat that they can still swing fast will always hit a ball farther than a lighter bat.
  • Don’t spend too much on a bat.  Some bats are priced at $400 or more!!!   Make sure to get aluminum and not wood, and most bats in the $50-$100 price range are perfectly fine for your child.


What Type of Baseball Cleats Are Permitted?

At all levels of House League Baseball, steel cleats are prohibited. Only rubber molded cleats or running shoes are permitted.


What if my child has never played organized baseball before?

No experience is necessary; House League is all about playing the game as a team, with the comfort of developing skills at an individual pace. Many teams, no matter the age level, typically have players who are new to the game.


When Will House League Baseball and Rally Cap Begin and End?

House League Baseball is tentatively scheduled to begin the week of May 8th. Rally Cap is tentatively scheduled to begin the week of May 15th. This is completely dependent on the weather and field conditions allowing. The first two weeks of House League (9U to 15U) are normally allocated for practice times allowing players to condition themselves for games.

House League runs for twelve (12) weeks, ending July 27th.

A House League Championship Tournament will be held at the end of the season to declare a Champion of each division.

Rally Cap will conclude July 31st.


Are There Games On Weekends And/Or Holidays?

The simple answer is "no". Regular season games will be on weeknights - the only exception being games rescheduled due to weather. There will be no games on Monday, May 22 (Victoria Day) or the Canada Day long weekend.


Will Games Be Rescheduled Due To Weather?

Games will be rescheduled only if there is field availability and may involve teams travelling to alternate ball diamonds. Rescheduled games for our Rep teams are given priority. The Seaway Surge Severe Weather Policy can be viewed here. Game cancellations will be communicated through the TeamSnap app and on the Surge Facebook page.


What Time Do Games Begin?

Games begin at 6:30pm. Players are asked to arrive at the field 30 minutes before game time for practice.


Will House League Teams Travel?

Some travel is necessary to provide competition for house league teams but because we have a large catchment area (Cornwall to Brockville to Smiths Falls to Metcalfe and Greely) we will try to minimize the distance that teams are required to travel. Where numbers warrant, we will create an east and west division at all age levels. Most play will be within your division with some interlock between divisions. In municipalities where there is sufficient registration for multiple teams, many games will be between these teams.


What is the Seaway Surge House League/Rally Cap Refund Policy?

In the event of a conflict, the Seaway Surge Baseball Club will refund your registration fee, minus the credit card processing fee if applicable, if a request is made, by email, no later than seven (7) days after your player's first game, practice or Rally Cap session.


My child is doing really well. Are there opportunities for them to play more competitive baseball?

Each September we have open tryouts for our 13U Division and older Rep teams. Tryouts for younger Rep teams are held in March and April of the following year. Times and locations are posted on our website in July.


This FAQ was last updated: 04-21-2023