We're Growing and Need Volunteers!

We're not going to give you any fancy sales pitch on why you should volunteer to help the Seaway Surge - just the facts:

As of March 29, 2022 we have over 650 young men and women registered to play Rally Cap, Rep and House League baseball! That's over 100 more than this date last year. By the time registration closes, we'll probably be over 750 players!

Our #1 goal in running these programs is to make it a memorable experience for the kids and the only way we do that is with the help of our volunteers.

It doesn't have to be a full-time commitment. We gladly accept whatever time a volunteer can donate. You can coach a House League team, bring Popcicles to Rally Cap night, help groom the diamond - every little bit helps.

Funny thing is... volunteering comes with a huge helping of satisfaction and a sense of having done something good for young people in our region.

Interested? It all starts by clicking on the button to tell us you want to help.